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CP Game Information Vault

This page has only and will have only my rating (and reason), the purpose, location and how to play. If there are any hints I know of I will post them too. For that I currently have posted look on that page. The rating system is based on a scale of 5 and will look like this ?/5.

———-Bean Counters———-

Rating: 3/5 this game can earn you a lot of coins but it could take a little while, your hand has to be really fast to win and there’s a limit to how many coins you can get.
Location: The pile of Java bags leaning on the wall in the Coffee Shop

Purpose: Collect all of the Java bags being thrown out of the truck (right side of screen) and put them in a pile on the loading dock (left side of the screen)

How To Play: Move your mouse and your penguin will follow. Position your penguin under the falling bag (but avoid anything else that’s falling), then once you catch it go to the loading dock and dump your load by clicking (one click unloads one bag). Although your penguin can only hold up to 5 Java bags.


  • Catch falling penguin heads to get more lives
  • The objects you have to avoid always fall in the same place; Anvil: Right, Fish: Left, Flower Pot: Middle
  • If you’re holding bags after the truck leaves put them on the loading dock to get extra coins
  • If you complete all 5 trucks you get a 60 coin bonus


———-Ballistic Biscuit/Hydro Hopper———-

Rating: 2/5 this game could take a while to master and take a while but you can earn a lot of coins.

Location: On the boat at the Dock

Purpose: Get as many points as you can by jumping over everything.

How To Play: Move your mouse from side to side to make your penguin move, click to make it jump.


  • Once you jump over something pass it again (in the air) to earn more coins by moving back over it
  • You can’t jump over buoys
  • A life ring is worth an extra life
  • Shark fins move diagonally
  • Beach balls move faster then anything else
  • If you buy and are holding a wake-board you will use the wake-board in the game


———-Astro Barrier———-

Rating: 4/5 This game does not earn you a lot of coins and is not very addictive

Location: In the dance lounge (above the dance club) click on the arcade game in the corner

Purpose: Shoot all the targets

How To Play: Use your arrow keys to move and shoot with the spacebar


  • press 1,2 or 3 on the page that has the start button and you will go to either level 10[1], level 20[2] or level 30[3]
  • For more hints go to Wheelwrights’ Blog


———-Cart Surfer———

Rating: 1/5 This game is a quick way to earn a lot of coins (if you’re good enough)

Location: In the Mine Shack (see mine shack; click on the cart to play

Purpose: Get through the mine without crashing three times and earning as much money as you can

How To Play: Use your arrow keys to guide the cart and watch out for the arrows they will tell you when to turn


  • Use the spacebar to jump
  • Press the spacebar then an arrow key to do a trick and earn extra coins
  • Crashing the cart in Cart Surfer (twice or less) will give you extra time to earn points and increases your total score


———Find Four———

4/5 The most money you can earn is 10 coins, but it is a fun game to play with your friends

Location: Ski Lodge (downstairs and up)

Purpose: Get four of your pieces in a row horizontally, diagonally or verticallyHow To Play: Click the row you want your piece to fall in


  • Get to the game first and your red


———-Ice Fishing———-

2/5 It might take a while but this game is fun and can earn you a good amount of coins

Location: Ski Lodge through the door with the “gone fishing” sign

Purpose: Catch all the fish you can without getting eating by sharks, hit by anything, chopped by crabs or stung by jellyfish

How To Play: Use your mouse to adjust how low the hook is


  • To catch the big fish at the end have a fish on your line in front of the big fish’s mouth


———-Jet Pack Adventure———-

Rating 3/5 Might be fun but it takes too long and doesn’t earn enough coins

Purpose: Fly through the levels collecting coins

How To Play: Use your arrow keys to guide your penguin


  • At the end of level one if you go past the landing pad there will be 12 more coins and extra fuel (this might be true for other levels so try and post a comment if it works)
  • If you don’t collect one coin in the whole game you earn 1,000 coins
  • Hold the down and right arrow keys you will move forward ( and down) but not use any fuel



4/5 Doesn’t earn enough coins

Location: Book Room (Coffee Shop)

Purpose: Get more pieces in your “mancala” then your opponent has in theirs

How To Play: Click on the pile you want to take and you will keep moving until your last stone lands on an empty space


  • Free Turn: If the last stone lands in a mancala that player gets to go again


———-Sled Racing———-

3/5 A fun game but you can’t earn enough coins

Location: One of the four tracks on the Mountain

Purpose: Get to the bottom of the slope before your opponent

How To Play: Use your arrow keys to guide the sled down the mountain


  • On the Bunny Hill go to the far right then press left arrow key twice and you won’t hit anything

———-Puffle Round-Up———-

3/5 This game might be fun but it takes a while and is just one of those games I never play

Location: Go through the “employees only” door

Purpose: “Round-up” all of the Puffles and get them into the pen

How To Play: Put your mouse behind the puffle so that when it runs away it goes in the right direction


  • The Puffles when go the opposite direction from your mouse
  • Puffle speed guide:Black puffle: fast, tries to get out
    Purple puffle: fast, tries to get out
    Green puffle: fast, tries to get out
    Pink puffle: medium fast
    Blue puffle: slow


———-Thin Ice———-

3/5 Another one of those fun but not enough coin giving games

Location: In the Dance Lounge (above the Dance Club) the arcade game that says thin ice

Purpose: Get your puffle through the maze of ice without getting stuck or falling through

How To Play: Use your arrow keys to guide the puffle through the maze


  • If all of the ice around the square you are on is melted you will fall through
  • If you burn all of the ice in 3 levels you will get a bag of extra money in the fourth level
  • If you step on a white square (the first is in level 7) it will disappear but you will be able to step on the place where the square was again
  • In some levels (including 10) you need to get a key to open the lock and get to the finish square
  • In some levels (including 13) you will have to push a blue square into an open spot in the wall to finish the level
  • In some levels (including 17) there are 2 green squares and if you step on one it will transport you to the other

———-Catchin’ Waves———-

2/5 It is kind of tricky to get and when you’re playing in freestyle to practice you can;t make very many coins

Location: In the hut that is in the Cove 

Purpose: Surf Lesson: teaches you hoe to surf; Freestyle: a way to practice and get good at surfing; Competition: perform tricks and try to get good scores from the judges; Survival: Go as far as you can without wiping out on a never-ending wave

How To Play: Use your mouse to guide your penguin through the waves and the arrow keys or w,a,s,d to perform tricks


  • Use the tutorial to learn how to play
  • The arrow keys and w,a,s,d perform tricks when your surfing the wave and in the air
  • If you buy and hold a surfboard you will use it in the game
  • Angling your penguin down will make you go faster
  • If you start losing you’re balance put the mouse behind your penguin and hold the left mouse button
  • If you hold the left mouse button while you are in the air it will balance you out however you can manually balance (and do flips) by moving the mouse

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  2. I know a way to go really fast in cart surfer its hard to controll ur penguin thoe well here it is you press +/= on your key board then cart surf y’ll be goin FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    nice job those really helped me THANX!

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