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Anouncement About Club Penguin Blog

Posted by rcb67 on April 13, 2008

If you have noticed I haven’t posted anything about Club Penguin in a while. This is because I am not really into Club Penguin anymore (again). However I have gotten into something new, building scale boats. So I have decided to change the name and add pages focusing on the building of certain model boats. I just bought the Dumas Carol Moran-a tugboat made by Dumas- yesterday so that will be my first boat. These pages (or maybe page I don’t know) will give information, tips and tricks, and the official website where you can get the boat (in this case the Dumas website). Just a reminder though this will be an ongoing build so the pictures will come over the period of a month or more most likely. This might be interesting for anyone who likes to build things (especially because I’m going to make it remote control boat by adding motors, servos etc.) but I’m sorry to all the penguins who love to play Club Penguin. I will leave the old CP info, hints, cheats and glitches but it won’t be updated. I would like to get feedback on this new page to see if the majority of people like it and, oh yeah if there’s anyone out there building or starting to build the Carol Moran I’d like to talk to you and you can ask me any questions you might have although I don’t know if I can answer all of them because this is my first Dumas model and my first rc model.

If you read all that you must be excited about the new part of the blog, it has been started and will be updated later today look for the page (not post) that says “R/C boat building: Carol Moran”

here is the completed Carol Moran

here is what the completed Carol Moran will look like


8 Responses to “Anouncement About Club Penguin Blog”

  1. Qui3 said

    hi cool post dude! I am sort of in to boats. I wanted a electric motor boat that you control with a control! lol! ok well I might like that new change!

  2. rcb67 said

    I’m happy to know that you like it and I urge everyone else to voice your opinion here to and tell me whether you like it or dislike it.

  3. rcb67 said

    By the way, if you have questions about the actual model post it on the page about the model, not here.

  4. Adw14 said

    can i build a boat

  5. rcb67 said

    Sure, just go out to yout local hobby shop or search the internet and buy a model boat kit. I recomend starting out with a plastic kit because wooden ones are usually more advanced and more expensive.

  6. Adw14 said

    I meant ON Club Penguin! So,can you?!

  7. rcb67 said

    No, Club Penguin is about walking around, talking to your friends, and playing games. It’s not really about building things. Anyways, building models is better in real life (and it can take a really long time).

  8. Anonymous said


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