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Funny Pictures

This is just a page where me (and sometimes wheelwrights) post funny pictures from Club Penguin


Hee hee I’m hiding behind the tours booth


Yay Billybob (famous CP mod) likes my site (fake 😆 )


No I’m gonna lose


Ow… this is wheelwrights falling… step-by-step.

winner.png Pengun backwards bowling/crashing (click to enlarge^) [and winning]

A new me

I can finally drive

I’m a piece of paper

I’m just relaxing on Rockhopper’s awning 😆


31 Responses to “Funny Pictures”

  1. Ayaika said

    Aaaww…poor little penguin!

  2. Dudeikoff said

    Ouch that gotta hurt!

  3. ooppss said


  4. rcb67 said

    look at the screen shots guide

  5. bartty4299 said

    My favourite picture is the 2nd one

  6. seancastle said

    lol i mean it so good and funny wow!!!!!!!!!!! wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. leroy said

    pics is funny

  8. Stranieri said

    acculy the second one is normal.

  9. rcb67 said

    For the second picture I used a picture of Billybob from a screen shot with him in it and edited him into my house with a text box of something that I had said and taken a screen shot of.

  10. rcb67 said

    My personal favorite (and probably the hardest picture to get) was the fourth one. It was so hard to make (for Wheelwrights) because as you would know if you’ve ever fallen is that it all happens in one second. But Wheelwrights managed to do it. Amazing.

  11. lpg123 said

    hay nice site i am famous


    Lpg 123

  12. sparkles9571 said

    I took lots of pictures for my wordpress but how are they NOT vlurry mine are except 3. Go to

    for proof

  13. gracieboo said

    wait, i know about rockhopper, Professer Gadget, and aunt arctic. But who is billybob? I have heard of him everywhere but why isn’t he like in the Cp newspaper and stuff? He isn’t shown anywhre in club penguin so who is he? How did people figure out about him?

  14. 7amood Q8 said

    hey you aint billy bob you hacked him by Cp trainner yes ?

  15. rcb67 said

    No, I just used a picture of him I found on the internet and edited into a screenshot I took of my igloo.

  16. Lakishmi said

    nice pics

  17. rcb67 said


  18. i want more funny pics and rumors

  19. AWWWW MAN im stuck with the same icon!

  20. rcb67 said

    I’ll change the icon. I’ll have to think of more funny pics!

  21. rcb67 said

    happy now?

  22. ICblue22 said

    Hey love ur pics! U shouldn’t have put “It’s fake” on the Billybob one! People would have believed it!!! LOL

    Editor’s Note:
    But than I would have had a bunch of comments asking about Billybob 😀

  23. Vijay21 said

    your pictures are so funny

  24. E and E said

    love your site funny CP pics!!
    My Fave

    “wee I am a piece of paper

  25. elisa956 said

    lol pretty funny pics

  26. Billybob said

    lol but why am I in there!?!!?!?!?!?!

  27. Billybob said


  28. Billybob said

    I think this site is funny, but please show no cheats to hurt cp.

  29. pongy girl said

    billy bob is writ you no

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