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Rockhopper’s Ship

This is a game that was in the newspaper about Rockhopper’s ship. What you have to do is match the parts to the name. So here are the answers to the game and probably an overview of Rockhopper’s ship for all of the rest of the time he comes:



16 Responses to “Rockhopper’s Ship”

  1. wheelwrights said

    hey rcb67 you know that the helm is the steering wheel? so it would be #18.

  2. rcb67 said

    Yeah the cross thing next to helm is supposed to be an 18

  3. Dudeikoff said

    Oh cool what happens when you finish the game?

  4. wheelwrights said

    by the way when you finish the game thingy a banner says Congratulations and the ship bobs up and down and the pirate puffle flag waves

  5. rcb67 said

    the numbers go away and the ship starts floating

  6. diego1724 said

    yeah me toocool man

  7. what this some cool stuff

  8. sam said

    does any one now how to get to rockhoppers island

  9. what is the name of the ship?

  10. Lockie said

    where is the key

  11. miren yo soy chilena y yo entro al club penguin ,ya he visto a rockhopper dos veces pero les digo un secreto para traer a rockhopper tienen que bailar muchos pinguinos a la vez bueno soy la misteriosa y por eso no les dire mi nombre en el club penguin

  12. careese said

    WHAT DA HECK DID YOU SAY LA MISTERIOSA!?!? OH YOUR SPANISH! um but what da heck does that mean ANYWAY!?

  13. nicholas said


  14. kiraiston said

    rockhopper what is yo ship name?

  15. Anonymous said


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