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Club Penguin secrets, glitches and new stuff from Rcb67 and pictures throughout the building of hobby level models (except snap-together)

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This is a page where I will post secrets about Club Penguin, organized by type.

———-Secret Rooms———-

Mine Shack

Once you opened the map look for a shack right above the plaza, partly covered in snow.


To get to the iceberg all you have to do is go to your map and click the iceberg floating in the ocean. The iceberg is a popular place for parties. There is also a rumor that if enough people stand on one side of the icebergs it will tip.


Boiler Room

If you go through the back right speaker in the night club you go down into a room. This room is called the boiler room. In the boiler room you can look at newspapers from up to 8 weeks ago.



If you click on the top of the purple mountains to the right of the ski mountain on the map. You know when to click when your mouse turns to a pointer. Then you will go to the dojo.


Underground Pool

If you go to the plaza, right in front of the pet shop is one of those manholes click it and you will go into the underground pool. 😎


———-Puffle Related Secrets———-

Talking Puffle

The puffle in the Night Club can talk. To get him to talk just stand behind him and say something. Everybody will think the puffle is talking.


———-Penguin Related Secrets———-

Ninja Penguin

On the Club Penguin home page if you click on the “N” in “Night Club” the penguin will turn into a ninja.


Penguin Changes Clothes

On the Club Penguin home page there is a penguin right above the play button. If you click him his clothes will change. (note: these are the same penguin)


———-Game Secrets/Secret Games———-

Puffle Round-Up

This is a game. If you go into the pet shop there will be a door on the right side of the pet shop that says employees only. Click on that and you will start a game, called puffle round-up.


Candy Pizzatron


In the Pizzatron there’s a handle near the bottom of the conveyor belt if you click it the arrow moves to candy and you can make candy pizzas.


Astro Barrier Level Change

In Astro Barrier which is in the dance lounge (the room above the dance club) when the game is loading, after you press start; press 1 to go to level 10, 2 is level 20 and 3 is level 30.


———-Scroll-Over Animations———-

Flipping Pages

In the pizza parlor there is a book on the front desk. If you scroll over the book a page will flip.


Bouncing Inner Tubes

At the dock, near the actual dock there is a pile of inner tubes. If you scroll your mouse over them they will start bouncing. 😀


Sand Castles

At the beach there is a shovel and a bucket scroll over them and the shovel will scoop some and into the bucket. Scroll over it a couple more times and eventually it will make a sand castle.


Jumping Cash Register

This is another one about the gift and sport shop, it also works in the pizza parlor. If you scroll over the cash register it’ll jump and a little receipt thing will spring out of it.


Speakers Pumping

If you go into the sport shop or the gift shop there is a speaker in the upper left-hand corner of the screen. If you scroll over it it will start pumping like music should be coming out of it.



No Doored Gift Shop

On the Club Penguin shop page ( if you look at the top there is a penguin running with a cart full of puffles. But behind him the gift shop doesn’t have any door.


Huge Doors

In the Pizza parlor the doors look much bigger on the inside then on the the outside.



Changing Room Surprise

In the gift or sport shop if your not a secret agent then if you try to go into any changing room the clothes catalog will open

P.S: The regular way to open the clothes catalog is to click it at the bottom right of your screen.



Who Made The Master Clock

If you look on the side of the master clock it says “By G.” on it in secret agent code




15 Responses to “Secrets”

  1. Ayaika said

    Wow Great Secrets So Far!I’m looking foward to seeing more!Keep up the great work!

  2. I have some secrets too. see my site at

  3. I FOUND THE MAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Editor’s Note:
    Good Job and you’re welcome if my website helped you

  4. hjkfsasd said

    I already knew all this

    Editor’s Note:
    Then go look at someone else’s blog

  5. Grace said


  6. keisly said

    COOL!!!!!!!!!!! plz make heaps more. I love Club Penguin and want more cool secrets soon.

  7. Trew789 said

    Did you find the secert stone iglo? located in the iglo mag on the remove floor ad somewhere around the exit if you click on the crobar you get an ad saying secert stone igloo.

  8. Sheniah said

    I bet you know Tiny Teena that penguin is me

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. Pw!nc£$$ said

    Yo the puffle thing don’t work, and what do u mean by master clock dude?

  10. rcb67 said

    The master clock is the clock next to the snowforts, the one with the big target on it

  11. I no a cheat.Okay when u go ice fishing keep playing until u see a red fish in the backround.Then when the red fish is really close.Hold unto ur fish and the red fish will eat it.The red fish is worh 100 coins and i caught the fish about…umm…oh…six times.I caught the red fish six times.Okay my penguin’s name is Saraflexgg if ya wanna be my buddy.K. Bye!!!!!

  12. Claire said

    Another, if you press “s” on yourkeybord, you will sit in whatever derection you were standing in.

  13. Emily said

    In the newspaper it saids sneak peak on the summer party press on picture it will start to move if you press on it

  14. Gabi said


  15. Mark said

    Очень увлекательно! Только не имею возможности понять как часто обновляется блог?

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