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Club Penguin secrets, glitches and new stuff from Rcb67 and pictures throughout the building of hobby level models (except snap-together)

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This is my page for posting glitches that me [and Wheelwrights]. This will be organized by room of the glitch

———-Ice Rink———-

Get the Puck Into the Goal

Go to the ice rink and hold the button you use to stand on penguins (see stand on penguins) and click the puck. (Make sure its not moving) now you should be standing on the puck now if you click the net in the right place the puck should go in. This works about 75% of the time.





(this means internet explorer)

Go to Club Penguin’s SWF at or internet explorer. Then press the f11 key and log in (just log in). Once your logged in click under the chat bar (click the chat bar hold the mouse button and click under the chat bar) and you should walk down so only the top of your head [or hat] is showing. That is called nubbing.



Go to your player’s card and take off everything your wearing. Then close your player’s card so you aren’t wearing anything. Then re-open your player card and put on your propeller cap. Now Do Not close your player card and hit the dance button you should start hovering.


Stand On Penguins


To stand on penguins move you mouse over where you want to stand, then press tab or enter (try both) and click without moving your mouse. You should walk over to wherever your mouse was pointing.

P.S: This glitch is very helpful for getting pins


———-Home Page———-


Go to the play Club Penguin page ( copy whats in parenthesis. You have to have a penguin on remember me and when you go to the page where it has your user-name and password. Then you click forgot my password and your penguin will become invisible [except for its clothes].



Negative Coins

If you have puffles, spend all of your coins so that you have zero coins. Then try feeding your puffle and checking your player card, you should have negative coins.

P.S. once you log off you go back to zero coins


These are all the current glitches on my blog.


18 Responses to “Glitches”

  1. wheelwrights said

    hey rcb67 you can’t do nubbing everywhere. you can’t do that at the iceberg and the beach or the icerink and a few other places.

  2. kamikazee96 said

    heres a new glitch
    first go to the cofeeshop
    then play beans if your
    playing now press alt
    then click where do you want
    to go:)

  3. kamikazee96 said

    here another glitch
    press plus or minus
    sign you the screen
    will become a drawing

  4. kamikazee96 said

    i have a new glitch
    ok find a HQ has a
    big TV then go behind
    it then talk

  5. wonkaloo said

    i have a cool glitch. you can nub on the offical site when your playing club penguin. first you see the ”i lost my passwors” button at the bottom on your screen. first put your cursor on the chat bar hold it. then go to ”i lst my password” still holding down your cursor click i lost my password and you should be nubbing.

  6. william said

    if u know rockhopper’s password can u send it to me at

  7. laraib said

    my chat doesnt come on i have activated standard chat it still doesnt activate my chat bar help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase

  8. rcb67 said

    I don’t know what you’re doing wrong, I’m not a computer programer. You should probably see what you can do about contacting a moderator or Club Penguin eventually

  9. Naileabrila said

    Hello my friends 🙂

  10. deadlast said

    for rcb67 go to the questionn mark at the bottem right of the club penguin toolbar than click it and on that screen enable chat

  11. mici said


  12. Anonymous said

    i see people go ontop the night club ontop alot other places to i want do that i see alot of poeple that want to go up there and other places

  13. kosta said

    how do u walk on walls

  14. rcb67 said

    I don’t know if this still works but take a look

  15. tyler said

    i don’t understand i thought this was for playstation home ps3 plzzz respond to me by talking to me on home my id is uknown-joker

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