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Club Penguin secrets, glitches and new stuff from Rcb67 and pictures throughout the building of hobby level models (except snap-together)

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About Rcb67

I started Club Penguin because of my sister. Her friends told her about it, she told me about it and we both joined. And that’s when rcb67 was made. But that was along time ago because as of today April 14, 2007 rcb67 is 221 days old. If you want to meet me on Club Penguin I will usually be on icicle, but if you want to be sure to meet me please feel free to post a comment. And if you meet me on Club Penguin say you know me from my blog.

This is what I will most likely look like:


As of today (May, 31 2008), you have probably noticed it has been a while since I have posted anything about Club Penguin. This is because I’m not playing CP any more. Now instead, this blog will be focused on boats, as I said in my announcement post. Right now the only thing the I’m updating is the page related to the model boat that I’m building right now. I also have a full-size 1988 Boston Whaler to cruise around with because I’m now obessed with boats, instead of Club Penguin.


24 Responses to “About Rcb67”

  1. rayquazaa123 said

    hey brandon cool site

  2. iceey14 said

    ditto man

  3. Ayaika said

    Awesome site, it’s really useful and helpful!!!
    I see that you have met Rockhopper by the look of that eyepatch.
    Is he still around in this visit? As in is he still wandering around Club Penguin? So far he’s no where to be seen!!!

  4. rcb67 said

    I don’t know where Rockhopper is or when he will be coming back on.

  5. wheelwrights said

    Ayaika, Rockhopper once brought free eyepatches in his rare items stock. So you don’t neccesarily need to have met him to have the eyepatch.

  6. Dudeikoff said

    Wow that is interesting Wheelwrights. (cough)

  7. sparkles9571 said

    On all your sites it makes my words crossed out!!!!!!!!!!

  8. sparkles9571 said

    Go to

    for cool glitches

  9. sparkles9571 said

    Hola dude wanna meet on clubpenguin my coolest penguin is Leeleed and he’s 607 days old today!!

    Almost 2 years!!!!!!!!!1

    P.S. i wish I was 3 years so I could be a beta tester!!!!!!

    Waddle On
    ~Sparkels9571 (sohilurs) (copttt) (and leeleed)

  10. rcb67 said

    I don’t know whats wrong with your words sparkles9571

  11. Spotsie567 said

    Hi Rcb67,
    I am spotsie567 from clubpenguin. I really want to meet you on clubpenguin so I want you to meet me at the server snow fort! Come and meet me in the coffie shop! And be there at 6:00 pm.! Meet me today which is friday! Remeber my penguin name is Spotsie567 I have a silver surfboard and the secret agent black glasses and a black hoddie and black sneakers! and a green cap! Hope to meet you today!!!!!! If you cant come go to my website at to leave a comment if you can meet me and if you have any questions! See you there!!!!!!!

  12. qui3 said

    Hi Rcb67,

    This is Spotsie567! Im very sorry I couldnt meet you today. I was online but not that early. If you can respond right when you get this message we can meet at the server snow fort. In the coffee shop like you said. I really think you are auesome! So please go back on my website and leave a comment telling meif its ok. If it iis I want to meet you at 11:00 Am. Saturday. Febuary 9th. Please respond on my website at to leave a comment. I really want to become your buddy! So please resond quick!

  13. qui3 said

    Hi Rcb67,

    I got your message and I can meet you at snow fort tomarrow at the coffee shop at 9:00!
    Please dont be late! I really want to meet you! See you there! Tomorrow if you canot meet me comment me on my website!! Have fun!!!!! See you there!!!!

  14. qui3 said

    Hi Rcb67,
    I got your messeges and you logged in too early!!!!!:(
    You logged on at 2:45! You need two log on at 9:00!
    That is a hour from now! I will meet you in the same places like you said!!
    Please be there at 9:00 AM! When you get this message post it on my website!!!!
    Hope to see you there!!!!!! Bye bye 🙂

  15. Spotsie567 said

    Hi Rcb67,
    I am sorry I sent you this message! I hope you will still meet me. I can meet you today which is the 11th. At 6:00 or below but not below 4:30. I am in school! So please respond back on my website please. I hope we are still friends. I really want to become your buddy! Hope you respond and get this message:)

  16. qui3 said

    Hi Rcb67,
    I got your message and I live in the western time zone! SO you are 3 hours ahead of me! But we can still meet! We just have to think more.So please comment on my website the response you have. If you have one:). I hope we can plan more better next time. Hope you get this message! 🙂

  17. qui3 said

    Hi Rcb67,
    I just want to know if you are getting my questions. You havent been answering them for a while. I hope you are still on. If you get this message you can post a comment on my website! Hope we can still meet! 🙂

  18. qui3 said

    Hi Rcb67,
    I got your message and lets meet at penguin standerd time. Comment on my website . 🙂

  19. qui3 said

    Hi RCB67,
    Its been a while since we have met!!! Go to my site!!!! I updated it a lot!!!!!! Please comment!!!

  20. rcb67 said

    I will be updating this page later on to include my information about building models and a picture of my latest completed model the Smit Houston tug.

  21. Go on clubpenguin and meet me in the dance club

  22. rcb67 said


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