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All penguins know Rockhopper he is the pirate who always comes to visit. Everybody also loves Rockhopper he because he always brings stuff whenever he comes to club penguin. He always brings one non-member item and a couple (4-5) memers items. Sometimes he brings big stuff he was the one who first brought the red puffle. He also almost got shipwrecked once but he made it to club penguin and got his ship fixed up. Now it seems he is clearing out some cluttered spaces on his ship. This means that maybe next time rockhopper comes in (which is at the end of April) we might actually be able to go below deck on his ship.rockhoppers-ship.jpg

You can meet Rockhopper on Club Penguin (if you’re lucky) and heres proof that me and Wheelwrights actually saw Rockhopper. Although you can’t be friends with him because his friend button just gives you an eye patch. If you were wondering I met him on Icicle at the iceburg.

P.S. There is no way to get the key to Rockhopper’s room on the ship



47 Responses to “Rockhopper”

  1. Rubeebee said

    where will Rockhopper be today? Today is April28, 2007

  2. rcb67 said

    I do not know. The only reason i met him was because someone said he was on the iceburg, and he really was.

  3. wheelwrights said

    Yeah I saw someone in the Town who said that and since you were over at my place I told you and we both went there 😛

  4. me said

    I have met Rockhopper. He gave me a cool eyepatch.

  5. Dudeikoff said

    Same here but nobody believes the Rockhopper gave it to me

  6. Sunshine556 said

    can u help me find him today is may 1st

  7. wheelwrights said

    i met rockhopper too but i already had the eyepatch 😕

    • Rockhopper said

      Yarr Sunshine556 Wanna meet me and get something different ill be on March 5 2010 see you so will Yarr ok Bye Mate

  8. rcb67 said

    no the only reason I found him in the first place was because some said rockhopper was on the iceburg. which he was

  9. Ayaika said

    Oh goodness!I cannot believe you found him!!Penguins say “He’s at the Ice Rink”,”No at the Iceburg!!!” So confusing.I thought you could only find him on his ship, but now I know not!
    Could you request as him as you friend?

  10. rcb67 said

    You can’t request him as a friend his friend button just gives you the eye patch. 😦

  11. 13flipper said

    were will rockhopper be today

    Editor’s Note:
    I have no idea. I knew he was on then because someone said it and they were correct

  12. Taylor said

    I hope he comes back!

  13. hamster89 said

    i can see rock hopper’s ship he is going to be here tomarow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. he is here

  15. –>

  16. maggie said

    hey everyone! my penguin’s name is blarff, im usually on hibernate… somebody help me find rockhopper please! =] thank you very much. [btw today is 6-25-07]


  17. Azn Ruler said

    There is a way to get his key. If you help tip the burg, you get a golden pufffle, 50,000 coins, some more stuff, AND HIS KEY.

  18. rcb67 said

    The key is a myth if you don’t belive me a) look at “Club Penguin Rumors” on my site or b) do an internet search and look on other Club Penguin blogs

  19. Fh Cc said

    some one just said to me rockhoppers at plaza and there he was danceing around

  20. Rebecca said

    I have never met rockhopper and his in town but the land than her is in is full so i never get to see him

  21. i saw rockhopper in the lighthouse telescope and it waz tight i got on his ship and i love it!!!!!!

  22. watever azn ruler thats not how u cant tip the ice berg its impossible !!!!! lair liar pants on fire!!!!!!!!!

  23. 0claudia0 said

    Mriancahere is right u cant tip the iceberg! But u can meet rockhopper! So if u find him e-mail me RIGHT NOW! At ok!

  24. Rockhopper said

    Arr my lad`s! I am the ture Roclhopper! Anf if you want to find me i am on deepfreeze! At the dojo ok! Arr!

  25. Hogaloga said

    I SAW HIM TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at 3:34 January 25 on outback

  26. spatocco27 said

    i will never find him its to hard next time u see him tell me please

  27. Anonymous said

    Migrator Crashes

  28. Anonymous said

    ive met rockhopper on the iceburg and he gave me a cool background

  29. sprensa said

    if i told u will it be cool if u went on rockhoppers penguin cuz i no his password

  30. Lockie said

    yes it would besprensa

  31. ... said


  32. Lavinia said

    hey u all…ummm…i the newspaper says that we can find the key on 28 of april…and today is 28!!! so…where is it????

  33. Daniel said

    Get the key in the book room in RH’s jornal it’s true iv’e got it

  34. opierocks said

    i found the key!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    it is in the very back of rockhopper’s journal!

  35. jasper233 said

    hi im new to wordpress if u want to visit my site go to

  36. sharath said

    where is rockhooper? iwant to meet him
    please send the reply quickly today

  37. rcb67 said

    I have no idea, I never know where he is except on the occasions when I happen to see him

  38. skaterdude said

    iv never met rockhopper but iv seen him and i clicked him too be my buddy and i got a awesome backround!

  39. AussieGirl8 said

    hey guys,
    were would rockhopper usaly be hangin out when he comes to clubpenguin??

  40. fr0st33 said

    ahh i want to meet him:(

  41. i know were the key is it is in the book room in rock hoppers journal

  42. Sammy said

    SIGH! I want to meet him sooooooooooooooo bad. Hes like the greatest person (i mean penguin LOL) who ever lived.

  43. Rookie said

    Rockhopper not in the telescope now i am real rookie and i dropped spy phone in water so i couldnt teleport to rockhopper island you can meet gary too. and cadence aunt arctic! sheesh to many and now you can meet sensei!!!!!!!

  44. rockhopper said

    arr im at the ice berg it 6 0cloc server tuxedo

  45. Rockhopper said

    Yarr my lads find me on March 5th i can not decide which room i will go into but just check every room ok See you mates

  46. Rockhopper said

    I will next come online Septmber the 24th in the pazza parlor all day yarr see u there mateys

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