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Rockhopper’s Key Updated

Posted by rcb67 on April 29, 2008

It turns out that as of the time of last looked at my Rockhopper’s key post it has become obsolete. So here is the update:. As of (about) April 28 Rockhopper has hidden the key to his room in Club Penguin. I will explain how to get the key using one of the over 100 comments that poured onto this blog since the key has been hidden. Here is Opierocks’ descriptive description of how to find Rockhopper’s key:

1)go on a server that isn’t crowded (note-if u do u probably wont be able to get in the room-it will be full)
2)go to the book room (if using cp trainer use the room change for quicker access) the book room is located above coffee shop
3)click the book in the bottom right hand corner
4)choose rockhopper’s journal( on the bottom shelf-right side)
5)go to the last page
6)click the key (it has a tag that says CAPTIN’S QUARTERS)
7)go to the pirate ship (cp trainer user’s use room change for quicker access)
8)go to the Captains Quarter’s door.(it will now be opened automatically)
9)the key will now be a pin in your pin inventory

P.S. I (the editor of this blog) have personally checked this and it works this way exactly. However I do not recommend using Cp trainer because it is illegal (on Club Penguin) and can get you banned.


6 Responses to “Rockhopper’s Key Updated”

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  4. rcb67 said

    I did, take a look at “websites” in the left border. Yours is called Club Penguin Guide.

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