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The Carol Runs!

Posted by rcb67 on November 20, 2008

Well here’s what you get for 5 1/2 months of work. Something that not only works but also looks good. Another great thing about building your own boats is that its high quality. Everyone knows that the chinese seem to be producing low quality products these days. While these boat are very far from the ready to runs that you buy at Target, they’re much better. While yes you do have to invest much more money both initially and over time you end up something that’s much better quality than anything you can buy ready made. Overall this model cost over $250 when everything was said and done. Over half of that though is the radio equipment. I probably spent $150 for what I needed to get the boat to run. The kit alone costs $60 (at least where I got it) and then you still need to buy tools, paint, glue, and radio equipment (if you want an RC). After building this my opinion is DO NOT try this as a first model unless you are an adult or have a lot of time and patience. As I mentioned it took almost half a year to build and some of it was very involved. For example to make the railings that are on top of the cabin you need to first cut some brass dowels into over 40 pieces of multiple sizes. Then you had to tape each piece to a paper template after you glued on little pieces of wood to keep the brass from actually touching the paper. After that you have to solder every piece together into three seperate pieces which you will later attach to make the railings. Then you have to bend the brass to shape and cut off the top of every piece. Finally you had to drill over 30 individual holes for each vertical piece. However as I said, if you have the patience its definitely worth it. The results are shown below. The other boat you see running is my friend’s converted plastic Revell Flower-Class Corevette.





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A note on my avatar

Posted by rcb67 on September 14, 2008

I have decided that since this blog is turning towards boats I will change my avatar to a boat. I made this note because I want anyone reading my blog to know all of the comments are mine and not someone using my name. Don’t worry penguins all of the previous information will still be there. Here’s the picture I will be using instead of my penguin:

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End of Carol Moran build

Posted by rcb67 on August 27, 2008

Today (tonight) I am posting the final pictures of the Carol Moran. After about 5 1/2 months of work (I started building on about April 12th or 13th) it’s finally done! Now that I’m closing the build on the Carol Moran though I’m starting a new build, the Dumas Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Barrel Back. It’s 40″ long by 12″ wide, Basically it’s a giant (to me) model! Although this time I will have the main build thread on the RC Groups Scale Model Boats forum, on the blog I’ll just have the main building steps. This will help the page load faster because all of the pictures are really slowing down the page. You will still be able to post comments on the blog but you need to be a member of RC Groups to post on that build thread. Although if you’re interested in any type of RC vehicle (except toys), RC Groups has a lot of experts to to help you. I am also starting the build thread for the Chris Craft tonight, the one on RC groups has been there for 5 days.

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Rockhopper’s Key Updated

Posted by rcb67 on April 29, 2008

It turns out that as of the time of last looked at my Rockhopper’s key post it has become obsolete. So here is the update:. As of (about) April 28 Rockhopper has hidden the key to his room in Club Penguin. I will explain how to get the key using one of the over 100 comments that poured onto this blog since the key has been hidden. Here is Opierocks’ descriptive description of how to find Rockhopper’s key:

1)go on a server that isn’t crowded (note-if u do u probably wont be able to get in the room-it will be full)
2)go to the book room (if using cp trainer use the room change for quicker access) the book room is located above coffee shop
3)click the book in the bottom right hand corner
4)choose rockhopper’s journal( on the bottom shelf-right side)
5)go to the last page
6)click the key (it has a tag that says CAPTIN’S QUARTERS)
7)go to the pirate ship (cp trainer user’s use room change for quicker access)
8)go to the Captains Quarter’s door.(it will now be opened automatically)
9)the key will now be a pin in your pin inventory

P.S. I (the editor of this blog) have personally checked this and it works this way exactly. However I do not recommend using Cp trainer because it is illegal (on Club Penguin) and can get you banned.

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Anouncement About Club Penguin Blog

Posted by rcb67 on April 13, 2008

If you have noticed I haven’t posted anything about Club Penguin in a while. This is because I am not really into Club Penguin anymore (again). However I have gotten into something new, building scale boats. So I have decided to change the name and add pages focusing on the building of certain model boats. I just bought the Dumas Carol Moran-a tugboat made by Dumas- yesterday so that will be my first boat. These pages (or maybe page I don’t know) will give information, tips and tricks, and the official website where you can get the boat (in this case the Dumas website). Just a reminder though this will be an ongoing build so the pictures will come over the period of a month or more most likely. This might be interesting for anyone who likes to build things (especially because I’m going to make it remote control boat by adding motors, servos etc.) but I’m sorry to all the penguins who love to play Club Penguin. I will leave the old CP info, hints, cheats and glitches but it won’t be updated. I would like to get feedback on this new page to see if the majority of people like it and, oh yeah if there’s anyone out there building or starting to build the Carol Moran I’d like to talk to you and you can ask me any questions you might have although I don’t know if I can answer all of them because this is my first Dumas model and my first rc model.

If you read all that you must be excited about the new part of the blog, it has been started and will be updated later today look for the page (not post) that says “R/C boat building: Carol Moran”

here is the completed Carol Moran

here is what the completed Carol Moran will look like

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Save the Migrator!

Posted by rcb67 on February 9, 2008

Everybody knows how Rockhopper’s ship The Migrator ran into an iceburg and sunk. Well Gary (the gadget guy) is making a submarine to go retrieve the sunken migrator. It is currently at and will be launched at the iceburg. At the iceburg you can get a free mining hat to drill.


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New Play Febuary 8

Posted by rcb67 on February 9, 2008

The new play is (I think) based on High School Musical. I did buy the ship costume and I didn’t like it.


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New Pin 2/1/08 and some Rockhopper stuff…

Posted by M on February 1, 2008

First I will get to the new pin. The pin, which is a rowboat to symbolize the capsizing of Rockhopper’s ship, is in the Lighthouse. Here is a picture:

New Pin Feb 01

Now for some Rockhopper stuff…

Yesterday I saw Rockhopper! I can’t say which server, as I was in a rush and clicked a random server somewhere on the second page. He was only at the Beach for about 30-45 seconds, and a huge mob crowded around him the second he appeared, as if it were a scheduled event 😆 . However, he moved farther down and I managed to get a screenshot! He said things like “You be mighty fine shipshape sailors” and before he left, “Me hearties thanks for the fun”. Here is the picture:


I only left the whole rest of the Beach in so you could see the original mob 😆

PS: The only reason I’m posting on Rcb67’s blog is because most of my old visitors came here. As you can tell, I’m back. You can proceed to my blog now, but sorry if some stuff are delayed because I don’t have time. (Go back to Wheelwrights’ blog here)

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Hi Wheelwrights is back for a bit :)

Posted by M on January 30, 2008

Hi Club-Penguin-ers, I would like to say hello because I haven’t been on in a really long time. Also I discovered something about the current play at the Stage (Squidzoid vs. Shadow Guy and Gamma Gal). Well I discovered that the sky in the background is time-coded. This means that the sky will change according to the time (for example, starry at night, but sky blue in the day). Here is a screenshot of the play in the daytime (taken by me):

Stage in the daytime

And at night (from New Stage!!!, 1/11/2008):


Sorry if its blurry I enlarged it 🙂

PS: Rcb67, I will help with the missions guide.

PS #2: It goes by PST (Penguin Standard Time which is actually also Pacific Standard Time).

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Secret Mission Page

Posted by rcb67 on January 24, 2008

I am, as we speak in the process of making a list of the steps you need to follow to complete every mission there is. Including the new one that just came out.

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