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End of Carol Moran build

Posted by rcb67 on August 27, 2008

Today (tonight) I am posting the final pictures of the Carol Moran. After about 5 1/2 months of work (I started building on about April 12th or 13th) it’s finally done! Now that I’m closing the build on the Carol Moran though I’m starting a new build, the Dumas Chris Craft Triple Cockpit Barrel Back. It’s 40″ long by 12″ wide, Basically it’s a giant (to me) model! Although this time I will have the main build thread on the RC Groups Scale Model Boats forum, on the blog I’ll just have the main building steps. This will help the page load faster because all of the pictures are really slowing down the page. You will still be able to post comments on the blog but you need to be a member of RC Groups to post on that build thread. Although if you’re interested in any type of RC vehicle (except toys), RC Groups has a lot of experts to to help you. I am also starting the build thread for the Chris Craft tonight, the one on RC groups has been there for 5 days.


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  1. alexa said

    hey it is alexa and emma speeking here we just want to say we want to build new sites and make up new cloths and toys and ice cream and make up new events

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