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New Pin May 25

Posted by rcb67 on May 25, 2007

The new pin is stafish in the mine



4 Responses to “New Pin May 25”

  1. Haley said

    It works i found it right away! i dont really like to look around for new pins……it takes FOREVER all you have to do to fine the new pin that was relesed on May 25, is go to the mineing shack where you play cart surfing and its on the wall between the carts and the cave to get to the pool its really obvious.

  2. Cady- said

    Thank you

  3. swapnil said

    how did u manage to complete the blog , how did u submit the comment . even i am on wordpress but i am not being to able manage this , my site is

  4. rcb67 said

    I don’t understand your question, what do you mean about how do I complete my blog and submit a comment? Especially the second part because I see your comment.

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