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Rockhopper’s Key

Posted by rcb67 on April 28, 2007


Everybody is asking where the key to rockhopper’s room is. I’ve heard rumors that if you tip the iceburg you will get the key. People have probably also said there are other ways to get the key. But in truth, there is no key. One good way to tell is that there is now a sign on Rockhopper’s door that says the room is closed beacuse of cleaning. This sign only came after lots of penguins were asking “where’s the key.” So unfortunately there is NO way to [currently] get into Rockhopper’s room. :Even Rockhopper says so. I know because I met him (along with Wheelwrights). If you want proof see my “Rockhopper” page 

P.S. here is the sign on Rockhopper’s door



143 Responses to “Rockhopper’s Key”

  1. RACHEL said

    Thank you so much…I have been trying for ever to try to tip the iceburg. Now I know (IT WON’T WORK!!!!!!) thanks!

  2. aidan said

    it is possible what you do is you go to the treasure chest with the pin in it and when the jewel comes out you run up into the chest inside the chest there is a broom and a key take them then go back to rockhoppers shipand open the door then you sweep the floor and if enough people do it on the server than its open up to everyone on that sever

    Editor’s Note
    The pin in the treasure chest is gone. The new one is in the sport shop

  3. cali said

    Thanks. I actually thought the iceburg would tip. Now I feel like an idiot
    Editor’s Note:
    Sorry about making you feel like an idiot, but I’m just trying to clear up some rumors

  4. juhpy said

    will it EVER be able to tip?! there are so many people making fake videos on youtube and showing stuff

    Editor’s Note:
    No it won’t be able to tip unless Club Penguin does something about it

  5. Rockhopper said

    Nice website me harty

  6. wonkaloo said

    when i was playing CP i saw the note but the moderaters say rockhopers gonna be in his room cleaning but instead ppl saw him out so he never is cleaning his room!!! :0

    P.S. i think rockhopper has a meesy room =D

  7. justinwilk said

    it does tip ive done it i got 500 coins

  8. justinwilk said

    i did it again 🙂

  9. TYLER said


  10. Anonymous said

    my name is 246stars i want to be well known like paintboy100.
    Is there anything we can do to open up the room?

  11. hi said

    i want to no about rockhopper and the key now the letter says your a noisy bunch but i will be keeping the door closed 4 now or something like that

  12. Anonymous said

    is it true that if you are friends with rockhopper u get an eyepatch?

  13. etrius said

    i keep on waiting for rockhopper to open up the door but…….. HE NEVER DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!>(8(=( WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and how do you get stuff like the pirate siute and ythe red stripe flag and eyepatch?visit my

  14. etrius said

    i keep on waiting for rockhopper to open up the door but…….. HE NEVER DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!>(8(=( WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!! oh and how do you get stuff like the pirate siute and ythe red stripe flag and eyepatch?

  15. Dear Mr.Editor,
    Why can’t anyone go in Rockhoppers room.Is there really a key and if there is can you tell me please!!!Where is Rockhopper and does he have the key.There are rumors that Club Penguin memembers have actually got in his room!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please answer back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. blue389 said

    Rockhopper is dead ladies and gentlemen I am so very sorry to say but his real boat crashed into an iceburg and they made a replica so there would be no Club Penguin “rumors” And if you would like to talk you can find me in Blizzard in the Pizza Parlor at 7:30 at night every night

  17. Sam said

    If there a key because if there is i need it badly i made a 100 dollor bet 2 som 1 that there is a key “HELP!”

  18. Rockhopper said

    I have the key under the ice burg

  19. Madison said


  20. Rockhopper said

    if u want the key you have to go to slushy and drill on the top of the iceburg for 10 minutes and then go to me room and ill be able to let you in but only at 5.00 to 6.00 is when i let you go in. next time itll be easier me harties . from then se use soon yours rockhopper

  21. saqibbullet said

    thanx u rule

  22. ashley said

    when i was on clubpengiun with disco i tried all night to do it but i couldnt so your right

  23. karissa said

    your right ashley i did it like you did and they are right

  24. ashley said

    i feel realy stupid trying to do that ijust thout it would tip

  25. karissa said

    sorry for makin you feel really stupid ashley

  26. ashley said

    i feel really stupid for thinking that disco does to

  27. ashley said

    ill coment more soon goodbye

  28. rcb67 said

    Hello People (penguins) I’m the editor and from what I’ve heard, seen and tried the iceburg won’t tip. Although you might want to move your discussions about that to the post about the iceburg. Try to stay on topic for the most part, Thank you.

  29. dband said

    when will it be clean

  30. mr fab82 said

    rockhopper can i have a eye patch

  31. mr fab82 said

    can i be your buddy please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. DOWLOAD! said

    clcik download to download cp trainer 2 .0 enter that at top of page file cart type cptrainer2.0 it is cool i like finding cheats happy cheating!

  33. Selena gomez said

    I Tipped The ice burg before you get 5000 coins really im the real selena gomez im not lieing i am her

  34. Ozz Coupe said

    There must be a way

  35. Rockhopper,im not a member but i really need your key.You see im new to club penguin and i want to know lots about it so please please tell me how to get it please.
    p.s.if you want to find me i mostly go on snow drift or snow fort around about 5.00 to 6.00 pm thanx again byeee…you rule.

  36. by the way i usually hang at the beach because i am a builder and fixing your ship i hope you like it bye again.from geaseraaron.

  37. Aylin said

    Can you get the key? Someone answer me veeerrrrryyyyy soon and tell every detail!

  38. DOES HE said

    wheres the key to get in the room though well thanks see you real soon

  39. anonimus said

    where is the key???

  40. Anonymous said

    if you tip the ice berg you’ll get banned

  41. galaxi101 said

    I tiped the ice berg to you can tip it its true!

  42. selena gomez said

    wat the heak were is the key

  43. emily said


  44. Rockhopper said

    errrrrrg me harties,to get my secret key u must go to yukon and dril at the ice burg for 10 minets…….than go to my door clik on one of dee pictures ur in !….. but things are still not what it seems……….

  45. nikolina said

    Where is Rockopher’s key .I am waiting for your answer.Please send me the answer ,its realy important for me!!! Yours Mollhx45

  46. gracieboo said

    hey guys i emailed club penguin asking them if its true that you can tip the iceberg and they said that people have claimed they have but they are not sure and they told us to keep trying cause it might be true!

  47. icecream said

    were is the key i can not find it plz help me plz

    ps plz help me i can not find it

  48. bluey said

    okay look goto the light house then look into the teliscope and you will see rockhopper on his ship people he is not dead!

  49. Caf1007 said

    This Monday he will hide his key aroung the island to get into the room

  50. Anonymous said

    Rockhopper said this:

    “Argh! Start searching for me key on Monday!” So there will be a key, just not yet.

  51. Isabelle said

    that is so kewl! I did it and got the key!

    Thanks dude!

    you are so hot!

  52. Rockhopper said

    I remember you, me harty!

    me room will be open soon!

  53. ive got an eyepatch from a free item about a year ago

  54. And the one rumor thats right is that there is no way to currently get into da room

  55. Anonymous said

    the key is hiddin in club pengin but me and angle vivi 9 wants to find it and open the lock can you tell us?

  56. Anonymous said

    I wish i know the server the pirate is in
    today wicth is it humm?

  57. Anna said

    They say that the key isn’t going to be hidden until the day after. Everyone says that it’s somewhere different!

  58. Toodools said

    it dosnt work you cant tip the iceburg

  59. luckydo said

    the key is where you will not look
    try finding it in the cave under the water in the pool
    be careful it is invisibul so look hard

  60. I will soon ‘ell ya were the ‘ey is

  61. Schocolade said

    I really wanna get the keeeeyyy

  62. Anonymous said


  63. yes but today in the news the key is hidden.

  64. ghjgh said

    I found the key
    eat 12 pizzas and you will win it11

  65. ghjgh said

    i think the iceburg cant be tipped
    it is impossible
    but the key has been hidden

  66. sarah said

    hi i know werte the pin is just go to

  67. sarah said

    hi its me just wanted to tell if you want to find were the key is you hafto go on jd and bit bwiull tell you thanks for your time and pashentse!!!

  68. Rockhopper said

    i will tell u were the the key is and my password my password is;hello im rockhopper. and the key is under the iceburg

  69. Rockhopper said

    The key is under the iceberg me hearties

  70. girl4life555 said

    heyyy how do you get the key from under rock hoppers hat???

  71. rockhopper said

    arr the key be hidden in the boiler room.

  72. rockhopper said

    Arr ye all be lyin, me key be hidden in the pool.

  73. mimo22 said

    hi its me, the real club penguin gang presedent, the key was hidden today its at the pool.

  74. michpat22 said

    hey i walked around xclub penguinn and found it at the pool.

  75. adamshrek said

    i want to be rockhoppers buddy and my name is adamshrek

  76. Lydia said

    This key thing is really annoying i cant find it anywhere

  77. Spieguy said

    in the news it says on april 28 he will hide the key

  78. where`s the key

  79. Rockhopper said

    Goody boy.I’m cleaning the mess.I’ve the key with me,and I’m not hiding it.

  80. Xafinaba said

    Rockhopper told us that he’s not hiding the key.I’ll declare it in cp now.

  81. Listen please no one is. Club penguin is having problems on updating the so that the key would be here today(Monday 28th) but is not and that i heard that party was just for the weekend so it has not updated/loaded proably also you can not tip the iceberg because it is just a picture with moving objects and penguin moving across it like a screen saver.I hope you listened because i know i am speeking the truth.(Please post it)

  82. Rockhopper said

    I have me key hidden. It is a secret where it is. You CAN find it me harty!

  83. ChocoEyez said

    i have tryed everythink you have sed rockhopper and none od it works and im getting anoyed plzzz tell me were it is and soon please thanx
    p.s every detail!!!!!!!

  84. dylan said

    where is it its out today!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. megnmog said

    the key has been hidden today but i cant find it so will someone plz plz plz tell me where it is!

  86. 123snowdrop said

    hi my name on club penguin is 123snowdrop and i know that rockhopper is not dead because i saw him to day and he gave me a background and he s my buddy he said im his only buddy because im 4 years old chow se yas

  87. girl said

    were is the key i have literally looked every were

  88. ebonylol said

    I HAVE FOUND THE KEY !!!!!!!!

  89. bobby said

    the key is real i just got it it is in the book room in the rockhopper book

  90. Hasio-ning said

    There is a key i found it. Its in the book room (upstairs of the coffee hut). You open libry and look at rockhoppers journal and when you come to April 2008 latest visit you turn page and there is the key! Its simple then you go back to ship and the door is unlocked and you can go in! It rox! Hope this helps!xx

  91. Tennut900 said

    Yo Ppl Im Tennut900 And It is my user name on clubpenguin 2 and if u wanna meet me i ALWAYS go to Blizzard and im a first time reader and i luv this site so far so cya woudnt wanna be ya! posted by Tennut900

  92. Tennut900 said

    and i wanna find the key and if u find it or i find it ill tell i and i hope u will tell admwa cya.

  93. Tennut900 said

    oh i just found it its at the night club cya bya.

  94. help giver said

    go in rockhoppers jornal go to last blank pages right page if not reload and try 🙂 hope this helped

  95. Liss said

    There is a key, I found it, I swear I am NOT lying as I do not lie..

  96. opierocks said

    i found the key
    it IS real i went in there
    to get it follow the directions

    1)go on a server that isn’t crowded (note-if u do u probally wont be able to get in the room-it will be full)
    2)go to the book room (if using cp trainer use the room change for quicker access) the book room is located above coffe shop
    3)click the book in the bottom right hand corner
    4)choose rockhopper’s journal( on the bottom shelf-right side)
    5)go to the last page
    6)click the key (it has a tag that says CAPTIN’S QUARTERS)
    7)go to the pirate ship (cp trainer user’s use room chang for quiker access)
    8)go to the Captins Quarter’s door.(it will now be opened automaticly)
    9)it will be set as your pin
    10)Pass along

    🙂 Some people are to stupid to look in places like that. I found it all on my own. People say there is no key but there is! I found it AND Rockhopper said there was one soo…. if you don’t trust him why would you even want to go in there? So to the writers of this website= Look carefully before you tell ALL your readers there isn’t a key.

    I used to come to this website. I will now only be visiting to correct you. You might want to think about hiring me to look up the evidence.

  97. Supicios said

    the key is in the book room
    click on captains journal
    go to the last page and there will be a key
    click on it
    Now you can enter the quaters
    The key also works as a pin

  98. :-] hennnsssss said

    i foub the key seriously it is in thee bak of rokk hoppers journal seriously but the captains quaters is really crowded but there is a treasure hun game itss kewl and the key is a pin!!!!!!!!!!!!! really

  99. sarah said

    The key is here! go to rockhoppers door and read the new riddle. then, go to the library above the coffe shop, and thge key is at the back of his journal.

  100. Lockie said

    this year it’s in the back page of rockhoppers journal

  101. un titled said

    the key is in his diary in the book room look for it now it is there i got 1

  102. Liz said

    The key is in the back of Rockhoppers jurnal! His room is awesome!

  103. Webkinzlover180 said

    so where is it???

  104. Anonymous said

    hahahahaha go to the coffe room then go to the book room go to rockhoppers jornal then go to the last page andthere will be a key and u take it to his ship and u can get in i have done it there is like 200 penguins there try it it works

  105. michpat22 said

    his key is at the last page of his journal

  106. JoJo said

    his key is in the last page of the journal

  107. Anonymous said

    the key is in the last page of his journal!

  108. PINKISH said


  109. i know were the key is the key is in the book room

  110. Duckily said

    the key is in rockhopper’s journal.

  111. Duckily said

    it is in rockhopper’s journal plese belive me i have bin in rockhopper’s room. It is awsom

  112. rcb67 said

    OK this post is now obsolete. Thank you for all of your responses however I will be making a new post with this updated information.

  113. meesa322 said

    well, Ive tipped the ice burg so its not a rumor its the truth

  114. 0xsaltyx0help said

    This website has been a huge help I’m just going to get Rockhoppers key. For more help visit Enjoy

  115. 0xsaltyx0help said

    How do you get pictures beside your name leave a comment at Thanks

  116. Anonymous said

    Hi. I found the key to Rockhopper’s room. Go to the Library (Top floor of coffee shop.) Read Rockhopper’s journal and at the end of the journal, pick up the key. Then, go to the Beach (Lighthouse) and go downstairs on the Migrator. Then, you may enter Rockhopper’s room. It is seriously nothing special. There is just directions for a game and a board with pictures and a letter from Rockhopper.

  117. YOO MAA MA said

    THE KEY IS IN THE BOOK ROOM IN RH JOURNAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  118. :-] hennnsssss said

    listennnnn its in the book room in the cofffeeeee shop in rockhoppers journal(brown book)go to the LH go into the deck of the ship and go to the door and go inside note:there is a tresure hunt game very profitable:-$

  119. shark rider1 said

    hey rockhoppers key is in the bookroom in his jounal if ya want it. haha! it’s a pin but it opens the door.

  120. Anonymous said

    There is a way to get the key:

    Find the library on top on the 2nd floor of 1 of the shops.

    Then get Rockhoppers Book and go to the last page! And hey presto there is the key!!!!

    Then go to the room!!!!!! Tipping the thing and there not being any key is a myth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hope u got it!!!

  121. yanal said



  122. Dude said

    Its on the back of his book

  123. dark sky7118 said

    how do u get to the shipe?????????????

  124. Asta said

    i got his key by going into the library and looking at his book then go to the back of his book and you will find it, it took me ages to find the key

  125. Lilly said


    So called ‘Rockhopper’

    ur not Rockhopper! It’s a complete lie. Ur makin it up the whole go to slushy and drill thing! You cant even spell ‘me hearties’!

    u cant be rockhopper!!!!!

    • Oppl370 said


      how can u think that he isn’t the famous old known our good old “CAPTAIN ROCKHOPPER”??????????????????????????

      i THINK U ARE MAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  126. Kayla said

    Hi, There IS a key to rockhopper’s room (captains quarters)! 1. Go to the coffee shop and head upstairs. 2. Go to the books and look for rockhopper and the stowaway. 3. Go to the end of this book and you will see the key!!! Hope this helps!!!

  127. rockhopper said

    arg!me cleaned up me room waddle arg! on

  128. brianna said

    the key is in his junal the last page in the top floor of the coffee shop with all the books

  129. the key said

    ok there is a key he is cleaning hid room but when u find the key and go in it is messy but i know where the key is i look it up on wiki help thing and the key is upstairs from the coffe shop click on the book pick rockhoppers book and flip to the last page and there will be a key so if u cant search the right way dont play hope this helps add me on club penguin name is(penguin94315065)

  130. ? said

    where is the pin in the sport store?

  131. ? said

    from ? #2

  132. 1010101010 said

    there is a key this is a lie…i think its in the coffee shop..

  133. Oppl370 said

    Rockhopper, at least tell me that when will you come out of the ‘MIGRATOR’ to see the other penguins??????????

  134. Anonymous said

    where is the key

  135. Anonymous said

    can you tell me what server rockhopper is on at 6.00 now!!!!!!

    and the time i put in there is my time but on club penguin!

    the time is 10.08

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