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Posted by rcb67 on April 14, 2007

The newest craze in Club Penguin is instruments. Unfortunately as of now only members can get them. Although anybody can go and see people play them at the new stage (see New Stage). But for members who have instruments they can “play” them. Meaning do whatever action with no sound.


20 Responses to “Instruments”

  1. matthew said

    how do you play the instruments?
    Editor’s Note:
    If you’re a member all you have to do is (once you’ve bought the instruments) put them on, take all of your other clothes off and dance

    • iverson2 said

      how do you find the instruments in club penguin. please answer back pleasssssssssssssssse. i will totally pay you back with any cheat or glitch you want. so please answer backkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • cool3110 said

        go in the night club then complete all the songs of dance contest that’s how i got my free instrument.[no membership required]

  2. jake said


  3. rcb67 said

    You can buy some of the instruments like the guitars in the catalogs but get the electric guitar fast it will be gone next month

  4. i tried to take off everything and dance, but nothing happend.

    Editor’s Note:
    If you take off all of your clothes but the instrument, X out of your player card and dance, then (if its a dancing item) you will do something related to that item

  5. 98sagey98 said

    how do u get an electric guitar? please reply! thnx!


  6. Shawntgg said

    I have a drum set on club penguin how do i play it and where can i get a guitar?

  7. rcb67 said

    The drum sticks were a free item (I think) and the guitar is (or was) sold in the catalog. I don’t know if you can still get it because I haven’t been on in a long time.

    • Anonymous said

      You can still buy the instrements now!. Just go to the gift shop and open the catalog turn to the page were you can by the cristmas tree outfit and look at the tree in the middle it has loads of musical instrements in and underneight it! just click on the one you want and it will come up with by item!

  8. ? said

    the drum sticks were.

  9. m3d3m said

    how do i play the drums

  10. rcb67 said

    look at my last comment ↑

  11. cheesebob799 said

    i need an instrument where are they

  12. rwizzy said

    where are the instruments at

  13. wazzoo said

    how do u play the gutaur please answer

  14. Anonymous said

    where are the free drumsticks

  15. Sophie said

    Where can you get instruments though? Please tell me!!

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