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Candy Pizzatron

Posted by rcb67 on April 14, 2007

In the Pizzatron theres a handle near the bottom of the conveyer belt if you click it the arrow moves to candy and you can make candy pizzas.



6 Responses to “Candy Pizzatron”

  1. Im the first one to discover this

  2. megan said

    No, I am the very first to dicover it.

  3. beebee said

    Hiya you guys. Great secret!!!! I think it’s AWESOME. I have a question.
    Which topping do you like best????
    Answer with a screen name and your favourite topping. Just send a reply on here and Ill check every night.
    The most popular topping will be announced on the 29th june. Thanks!!!!
    Love, beebee xxxxx

  4. beebee said

    Hiya all you club penguin fans!
    Just a quick reminder of the toppings you can choose from.
    a) licorique sticks
    b) chocolate drops
    c) marshmallows
    d) jelly beans
    Remember to submit before midnight Saturday 28th June!!!
    The most poular topping will be annouced Sunday 29th June at around half past three in the afternoon.
    If you want to check up on the toppings just go to, go in the pizza parlour, play the game in candy mode, and CHOOSE!!! Thanks again.
    Love, beebee xxxxx

  5. Joel said

    To beebee
    Great idea with the voting your favourite topping. I have an answer which I hope will be the very first answer on here.
    My favourite topping is the chocolate drops by far. I hope they win on 29th June.
    From Joel

  6. beebee said

    Hiya fans! Tommorows the day! I’ll announce the winner tommorow at half past three so get voting!!!

    Thanks, Joel. You’re the 1st to vote! I hope the chocolate drops win!

    Love, beebee x

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