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Club Penguin secrets, glitches and new stuff from Rcb67 and pictures throughout the building of hobby level models (except snap-together)

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Welcome to my blog

Posted by rcb67 on April 13, 2007

This is a blog about club penguin where people can post information about secrets and glitches they found in club penguin.

8 Responses to “Welcome to my blog”

  1. penguinsarecool said

    Hey if you want to learn how to type these (ONLY IN A BLOG!!!) then email me… –>🙂😦😥😛😀😈👿:mrgreen:😎😆

  2. rcb67 said

    Matt I emailed you I do want to learn how to make those

  3. goalie11 said

    I wish that I had those faces

  4. rcb67 said

    goalie I’ll teach you to make those faces after penguinsarecool shows me

  5. rayquazaa123 said

    brandon whos goalie❓

  6. rcb67 said

    Goalie is my sister

  7. rayquazaa123 said

    Oh ok i thought so😀

  8. penguinsarecool said

    hint: scroll over the emoticons to see what you type to make them

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